Kauai Vacation Rental in Poipu Beach Kauai Hawaii: View from Bird of Paradise Home

Hiking Map to Mahaulepu & Haula Beach

Hiking from the Bird of Paradise Poipu Kauai vacation rental home: Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii to

Kawailoa Bay and the lithified sand dune bluff of Makawehi Point.

You will never guess that we could hike from the Bird of Paradise home in Poipu Kai resort to Kawailoa Bay and Ha'ula Beach (also called the secret beach).  There is an easy but spectacular walking trail along the elevated shoreline and we encourage you to try this short but a wonderful hike.

Direction: Start walking from Bird of Paradise home to Shipwreck Beach where the Hyatt and the Poipu Bay resort golf course are. Walk along high sand dunes toward northeast (border of the Poipu Bay golf). 

The trail starts at a fence opening where the fence encounters the ocean.  Within 15 minutes from home, you will be at Makewehi Lithified Cliffs, great place to observe the Pacific Ocean on the south shore of Kauai.

In the morning you can watch the sunrise as well as  see whale  (December -through March) pods spouting.   The shoreline views and Lithified Cliffs are breathtaking!  The trail is never crowded, occasionally you may be passed by a CJM stables horseback riding tour. 

After about two miles along the shore you will come to a creek  (there is a trail that goes inland along the creek to see some caves etc) cross the creek and you are at the beginning of Mahaulepu beach. You will see on your left coconut trees and the Gillin house. 

Another half a mile,  you will reach a point with a reef about 100 feet offshore. If you are walking in the afternoon and the wind is blowing you will see many locals kite surfing or windsurfing. However, windsurfing or kite surfing in Mahaulepu is not for the inexperienced. Do not try it alone (especially kite surfing) you may get into trouble.  

Continue walking along the beach shore for another ten to fifteen minutes, the next beach you will see will be Ha'ula Beach, where local fisherman love to come and fish from the cliffs on weekends. 

Overall this hike will take about two hours,  and having good shoes is a necessity, you can not do it with sandals. In warm weather you should definitely take along some water because there is no drinking water along the way. 

If you are ambitious you can continue for another ten to fifteen minutes (crossing under a cattle guard fence)  and come to another really beautiful hidden beach where you can find many small shells. An alternate and easier way to go to these secret beaches would be to drive to Mahaulepu park there and walk northeast along the shore. This will cut the length of the hike in half.

Please note that if you want to swim, the only really safe place to swim is the little lagoon like area at the point ( where the kite surfers launch). Even there, there can be strong currents during the summer so be careful and enjoy yourself in safety.

Hiking from Bird of Paradise home to Makawehi Point (# 8)

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view from Makawehi Cliff

Hiking to Kawailoa Bay and the lithified sand dune bluff of Makawehi Point.

Kawailoa Bay

Lithfield sand dune : Hike from this Bird of Paradise Poipu Kauai Vacation Retnal home in Poipu Kai resort pass Lithified Cliffs to Mahaulepu Beach.

Makewehi Lithified Cliffs

Horseback riding along Mahaulepu Beach and Haula Beach

Horseback riding along the Maha'ulepu Beach.

Hiking to Kawailoa Bay and the lithified sand dune bluff of Makawehi Point.

Kawailoa Bay