Kauai Vacation Rental at Poipu Kauai Hawaii, view from Bird of Paradise Home

Front yard of Bird of Paradise Kauai vacation rental home in Poipuhome, before driving up to our drive way

Garden and landscape:

Bird of Paradise rental home is located on the hillside of an old crater in the Poipu Kai Resort and looks over the eastern part of Poipu Kai. Two rows of coconut trees line up in the front facing trade winds and give a great feeling of tropical paradise. More than two dozens of Bird of Paradise bushes under the coconut trees flower all year round. Snow bushes, and Hibiscus show off their beauty along the borders around the house a flowering manuba next to the stairway adds its red blossoms to the scenery. Heliconia, Anthurium, white and blue Ginger, Mango, papaya, Bougainvillea and shade trees grace the back garden.

Bird at Poipu vacation rental home's lanai

Front garden of Kauai Poipu vacation rental home

Garden at Kauai vacation rental Poipu

Bird of Paradise in front of our Poipu Kauai vacation rentals home.

The Bird of Paradise Flower with mountain views background